Las Vegas Escort Rates

escorts in Las Vegas

The rates charged by escorts in Las Vegas vary. This variation depends on the quality of the services offered by the models. Perhaps, you have come across companions that advertise their services in billboards, magazines, limos, cabs, cards, and even newspapers. The minimum rates charged by such companions should be indicated if they are really genuine.

Basically, companions that charge something like $40 are most likely not genuine. Even girls that charge less than $200 can be a red flag. Therefore, before you book your companions, find out more about their rates. What’s more, focus on quality of the service that you will get from the companions.

  1. VIP Escorts

These are highly sophisticated, charming, stylish and attractive women. They serve a select class of men. These are booked by men that are ready to part with a significant amount of money just to enjoy their companionship. If you want to roll like a VIP in Las Vegas, book any of these companions. Their rates vary but they are mostly around $450.

  • High Class Escorts

These are perfect companions for men that don’t want to hang out with escorts that look for clients in casinos and nightclubs. High class implies more money, awesome moments, and luxury. If you have booked ordinary escorts, you will notice the difference immediately you meet a companion in this category. These are gorgeous, confident, stylish, classy, and sophisticated. You can hang out with these babes in exclusive locations but not ordinary clubs and casinos. Their baseline rate is also not less than $400.

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